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  • Published Gene: 359
  • Published Region: 128
  • Pathway by PBA: 8
  • Study: 361

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SNP (count: 603)

Literature-origin SNPs (count: 75)

LD-proxies (count: 528)

CNV (count: 11)
ID Band Size Type Inheritance Related Genes
CNV_Elia[2010]_148 12q24.31 176194 Duplication Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_149 12q14.1 298360 Deletion (hemizygous) Maternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_150 12q21.31 208238 Duplication Maternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_151 12q23.1 186329 Deletion (hemizygous) Maternal C12orf63
CNV_Elia[2010]_152 12p12.1 350128 Duplication Paternal IFLTD1
CNV_Elia[2010]_153 12p13.32 159527 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Lesch[2011]_17 12p13.31 114622 Duplication Maternal (affected) SLC2A14 SLC2A3
CNV_Elia[2012]_16 12q13.3 21581 Del NDUFA4L2 NXPH4 SHMT2 STAC3
CNV_Jarick[2012]_25 12p11.1 1277190 dup ALG10 ST13P9 SYT10
CNV_Jarick[2012]_26 12q24.31-12q24.32 2139929 dup AACS ATP6V0A2 BRI3BP CCDC92 DDX55 DHX37 DNAH10 EIF2B1 FAM101A GTF2H3 NCOR2 RILPL1 RILPL2 RPL22P19 RPL27P12 SCARB1 SNRNP35 TCTN2 TMED2 TMEM132B TRNAA23 TRNAA32 TRNAD15 TRNAD16 TRNAF2 UBC ZNF664
CNV_Jarick[2012]_27 12q24.32-12q24.33 676004 dup TMEM132D

Gene (count: 85)

Literature-origin genes (count: 14)

Genes from other sources Help(count: 71)

Region (count: 6)
Region Name Location No. of Studies (postive/negative/trend)
12p13.33 chr12:0-3300000 2 (0/0/2)
12q23.3 chr12:103800000-109000000 2 (0/0/2)
12p13 chr12:0-14800000 1 (0/0/1)
12q chr12:35800000-133851895 1 (0/1/0)
12q23 chr12:96200000-109000000 1 (0/1/0)
12q24 chr12:109000000-133851895 1 (0/1/0)

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