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  • Published Region: 128
  • Pathway by PBA: 8
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SNP (count: 584)

Literature-origin SNPs (count: 60)

LD-proxies (count: 524)

CNV (count: 32)
ID Band Size Type Inheritance Related Genes
CNV_Elia[2010]_23 3p24.1 115762 Duplication Maternal GADL1
CNV_Elia[2010]_24 3p26.1 13284 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal GRM7
CNV_Elia[2010]_25 3p26.3 48275 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal CNTN6
CNV_Elia[2010]_26 3p26.3 196042 Duplication Maternal CNTN6
CNV_Elia[2010]_27 3p26.3 17178 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_28 3q26.31 127313 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal NAALADL2
CNV_Elia[2010]_29 3q26.31 170734 Deletion (hemizygous) Maternal NAALADL2
CNV_Elia[2010]_30 3q26.1 50605 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_31 3q26.1 635180 Duplication Maternal PDCD10 SERPINI1 SERPINI2 WDR49 ZBBX
CNV_Elia[2010]_32 3q13.32 41714 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal B4GALT4 UPK1B
CNV_Elia[2010]_33 3q13.32 41714 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal B4GALT4 UPK1B
CNV_Elia[2010]_34 3p12.2 653068 Duplication Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_35 3p26.3 1080014 Duplication Paternal CHL1 CNTN6
CNV_Elia[2010]_36 3p26.3 145541 Duplication Maternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_37 3p22.1 75885 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_38 3q12.1 889166 Duplication Paternal COL8A1 DCBLD2
CNV_Lesch[2011]_1 3q26.1 1951305 Deletion De novo BCHE PDCD10 SERPINI2 WDR49 ZBBX
CNV_Williams[2010]_1 3q11.2 2344145 Gain Maternal EPHA6 MTRNR2L12 RPL18AP8 RPS18P6
CNV_Williams[2010]_9 3p26.2 922518 Gain Maternal ITPR1 SETMAR SUMF1
CNV_Williams[2010]_10 3p26.3 1017195 Gain CNTN4 CNTN6
CNV_Williams[2010]_14 3p26.3 552285 Gain CNTN6
CNV_Williams[2010]_15 3p26.3-3p26.2 1538470 Loss CNTN4 CRBN IL5RA LRRN1 MRPS10P2 SETMAR SUMF1 TRNT1
CNV_Williams[2010]_19 3q26.31 1468793 Gain NLGN1
CNV_Williams[2010]_38 3q26.1 1574775 Loss C3orf57 NMD3 OTOL1
CNV_Williams[2010]_50 3q29 741671 Gain ATP13A4 HES1 OPA1
CNV_Williams[2010]_55 3p26.3 561301 Gain CNTN6
CNV_Elia[2012]_3 3p26.1 13284 Del 0:2:0(100%) GRM7
CNV_Elia[2012]_10 3p26.3 15722 Del 2:4:0(100%) CNTN4
CNV_Jarick[2012]_6 3p26.3 1063962 del CHL1 RPS8P6
CNV_Jarick[2012]_7 3p26.3 898395 del CNTN6
CNV_Jarick[2012]_8 3q23 658644 dup CLSTN2 NMNAT3
CNV_Jarick[2012]_9 3q26.31 656205 del NAALADL2 UBE2V1P2

Gene (count: 89)

Literature-origin genes (count: 19)

Genes from other sources Help(count: 70)

Region (count: 5)
Region Name Location No. of Studies (postive/negative/trend)
3p24.3 chr3:16400000-23900000 1 (0/0/1)
3p24.3-24.1 chr3:16400000-30900000 1 (0/0/1)
3q13.32 chr3:117300000-119000000 1 (0/1/0)
3q21.2 chr3:123800000-125800000 1 (0/0/1)
3q24 chr3:142800000-148900000 1 (0/1/0)

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