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  • Published Region: 128
  • Pathway by PBA: 8
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SNP (count: 565)

Literature-origin SNPs (count: 54)

LD-proxies (count: 511)

CNV (count: 26)
ID Band Size Type Inheritance Related Genes
CNV_Elia[2010]_80 7p15.3 106406 Duplication Paternal TOMM7
CNV_Elia[2010]_81 7q33 182270 Duplication Maternal CHCHD3
CNV_Elia[2010]_82 7p21.2 71860 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_83 7p22.2 18214 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal SDK1
CNV_Elia[2010]_84 7p21.3 50755 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_85 7q31.1 250425 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal IMMP2L
CNV_Elia[2010]_86 7q11.21 233226 Duplication Maternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_87 7q21.11 226412 Deletion (hemizygous) Maternal SEMA3E
CNV_Elia[2010]_88 7p22.2 27411 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal SDK1
CNV_Elia[2010]_89 7q36.2 135635 Deletion (hemizygous) Maternal DPP6
CNV_Elia[2010]_90 7q21.13 54166 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_91 7q35 58496 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal CNTNAP2
CNV_Elia[2010]_92 7p21.3 46140 Deletion (hemizygous) Maternal
CNV_Elia[2010]_93 7p22.2 857902 Duplication Paternal SDK1
CNV_Elia[2010]_94 7q11.22 101748 Duplication Maternal AUTS2
CNV_Elia[2010]_95 7p15.1 327347 Duplication Maternal CHN2
CNV_Elia[2010]_96 7p21.3 88165 Deletion (hemizygous) Paternal
CNV_Lesch[2011]_6 7p15.2-7p15.3 3060000 Duplication Paternal (affected) C7orf31 C7orf46 CBX3 CCDC126 CLK2P CYCS DFNA5 GPNMB HNRNPA2B1 IGF2BP3 MPP6 NFE2L3 NPVF NPY NUPL2 OSBPL3 RPS2P32 STK31 TRA2A
CNV_Williams[2010]_3 7q31.32-7q31.33 807966 Gain ASB15 HYAL4 HYALP1 IQUB LMOD2 NDUFA5 SPAM1 TMEM229A WASL
CNV_Williams[2010]_11 7q11.22 1843201 Gain AUTS2 CALN1 RPS28P6 WBSCR17
CNV_Elia[2012]_2 7q31.33 179909 Del 0:1:0(100%) GRM8 MIR592
CNV_Elia[2012]_6 7q36.2 69230 Dup 1:2:0(100%) DPP6
CNV_Jarick[2012]_16 7q11.21 661395 dup PHKG1P1 SEPT7P4
CNV_Jarick[2012]_17 7q11.21 655331 dup PHKG1P1
CNV_Jarick[2012]_18 7q22.3 756661 dup COG5 HBP1 PIK3CG PRKAR2B
CNV_Jarick[2012]_19 7q31.33 816560 del

Gene (count: 144)

Literature-origin genes (count: 15)

Genes from other sources Help(count: 129)

Region (count: 8)
Region Name Location No. of Studies (postive/negative/trend)
7p13 chr7:43300000-45400000 2 (0/1/1)
7p15 chr7:20900000-28800000 2 (1/1/0)
7p chr7:0-59900000 1 (0/1/0)
7p12.2 chr7:49000000-50500000 1 (0/0/1)
7p14.1-q21.11 chr7:37200000-86400000 1 (0/0/1)
7p15.1-q31.33 chr7:28000000-127100000 1 (0/0/1)
7q21.11 chr7:77500000-86400000 1 (0/0/1)
7q36.2 chr7:152600000-155100000 1 (0/0/1)

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