IV Sequence Distribution Tool Help

1. What's the IV Sequence Distribution Tool (IVDT)?

IVDT draws maps indicating the origin and quantity of our database entries within a given area. It displays the worldwide geographic distribution of the IV data so as to couple sequence data with geographical information and supplement them with contextual information of biological and epidemiological data. The map is a useful visual aid to locate a certain species and to study the IV distribution, transmission and evolution.

2. General guide

  • This tool can be accessed either by clicking the 'Distribution' button at the search result page or by browsing its independent page under 'Tools'. The latter provides more options in map generation. The data needn't to be added into WorkSet for drawing distribution map.

  • When placed cursors on a specific area of interest, it will show sequence statistics in the area with information on hosts and years of sampling.

  • You can zoom in on the world map by clicking the region of southeast Asian, Europe and USA.

  • When clicked on the country/district of interest, it will display a list of hyperlinked sequence records that allow users to view more details.

  • Users may alternate easily from their search results to sequence distribution maps, and vice versa.

  • JavaSript is required to generate the map. IE 5.0 and above are recommended

  • 3. Example

    IV sequence distribution: global view

    IV sequence distribution: zoom in on China

  • Alternation between distribution map and specific sequence records.

  • IVDB is supported by institutional grant from Beijing Institute of Genomics, CAS  Feedback